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13 Moons & Blackhole


Menhir is an ambient and experimental music collective formed by visual artist Coco Moya and musician Iván Cebrián.

They create immersive and site-specific music experiences, where technology and nature dialogue and resonate.  With the aim of provoking new relationships between the human and the non-human, the living and the inert, to rethink and resignify what it means to inhabit the planet in the anthropocene through listening modes and knowledge.

Bewteen science, fiction, and magic practices,  they are inspired by the principle of geopuncture, as a terrestrial acupuncture, where their sonic menhir is enhancing sonic imagination.  

They have published the LP Geomantic works (2022) at Piano and Coffee Records SP,  Just Before Silence with Suso Saiz at Phantom Limb UK (2021), the single Osiris (2021) at OigoVisiones Label SP, Sound Track (2018) at Submarine Broadcasting Company UK, and Music for mountain (2016).  They have performed and showcased their works at art centers such as Reina Sofia Art Museum, Centro Centro Cibeles, Ciudad del Arte Zapadores, Spanish Academy Rome, Casa Encendida, National Archaeologic Museum, Human Evolution Museum, LABoral Art Center, Cerezales Fundation,  among others. They won art prizes and grants, such us Claves from the Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation, LABjoven Los Bragales at LABoral Art Center, or the grant for art production by the Community of Madrid, and have been guest composers at EMS Stockholm.